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Plantronics CS530 Monauraal oorhaak Zwart hoofdtelefoon
Plantronics CS530 Monauraal oorhaak Zwart hoofdtelefoon
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Plantronics CS530 Monauraal oorhaak Zwart hoofdtelefoon Artikelnr: 6961683 MPN: 86305-02 EAN: 05033588037408

  • Call center/kantoor Bedoeld voor
  • Draadloos Verbindingstechn.
  • Monauraal Headset type
  • Ruisonderdrukkingseffect ja Ruisonderdrukkingseffect
  • oorhaak Draagwijze
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215,- excl. BTW
Artikelnr. 6961683 Fabr. nr. 86305-02 EAN 05033588037408

Beknopte specificaties

  • Call center/kantoor Bedoeld voor
  • Draadloos Verbindingstechn.
  • Monauraal Headset type
  • Ruisonderdrukkingseffect ja Ruisonderdrukkingseffect
  • oorhaak Draagwijze
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DECT, Wireless, 106 m, 118 dB, 25 g, Black
Plantronics CS530. Bedoeld voor: Call center/kantoor. Headset type: Monauraal, Draagwijze: oorhaak, Kleur van het product: Zwart. Connectiviteitstechnologie: Draadloos, Aansluitbereik: 106 m. Gevoeligheid koptelefoon: 118 dB. Gevoeligheid microfoon: 85 dB


Uitleg over 'Bedoeld voor'.
What the product is used for.
Bedoeld voor
Call center/kantoor
Uitleg over 'Headset type'.
A headset is headphones combined with a microphone, or one headphone with a microphone. Headsets provide the equivalent functionality of a telephone handset but with hands-free operation. Types of headsets include single earpiece (monaural) and double earpiece.
Headset type
Uitleg over 'Draagwijze'.
The way in which the device is worn.
Uitleg over 'Kleur van het product'.
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Kleur van het product
Uitleg over 'Volumeregeling'.
What the product is used for.
Uitleg over 'Verbindingstechn.'.
De technologie die het apparaat gebruikt om verbinding te maken:draadloosmet draad
Uitleg over 'DECT connectable'.
The device uses RAID, which is a storage technology that combines multiple disk drive components into a logical unit for the purposes of data redundancy and performance improvement. Data is distributed across the drives in one of several ways, referred to as RAID levels, depending on the specific level of redundancy and performance required.
DECT connectable
Uitleg over 'Aansluitbereik'.
Modulation is the process of varying one or more properties of a periodic waveform, called the carrier signal (High Frequency Signal), with a modulating signal which typically contains information to be transmitted. The aim of digital modulation is to transfer a digital bit stream over an analog bandpass channel, for example over the public switched telephone network (where a bandpass filter limits the frequency range to between 300 and 3400 Hz), or over a limited radio frequency band. The aim of analog modulation is to transfer an analog baseband (or lowpass) signal, for example an audio signal or TV signal, over an analog bandpass channel at a different frequency, for example over a limited radio frequency band or a cable TV network channel.
106 Meters
Uitleg over 'Gevoeligheid koptelefoon'.
The range of frequencies (low to high sounds) that the headphones can produce.
Gevoeligheid koptelefoon
118 Decibell
Uitleg over 'Ruisonderdrukkingseffect'.
The physical dimensions of a filled A-box, the transport packaging in which one or more F-boxes or one or more inner boxes are packed together.
Uitleg over 'Gevoeligheid microfoon'.
The range of frequencies (low to high sounds) that the microphone can pick up (detect).
Gevoeligheid microfoon
85 Decibell
Uitleg over 'Gesprekstijd'.
The total time a battery can power a device for calls. As the device drains the battery during a call, the talktime left in the battery is diminished until the device is turned off or the battery recharged. The longer the talktime the less frequently you will need to recharge. Talktime, expressed in hours and minutes, is much shorter than standby time because transmission requires more power.
6 uur
Gewicht en omvang
Uitleg over 'Gewicht'.
Gewicht van het product zonder verpakking (nettogewicht). Zo mogelijk wordt hier het nettogewicht van het product gegeven inclusief standaardaccessoires en -supplies. Fabrikanten stellen soms het gewicht van hun product te rooskleurig voor, door het basisgewicht te geven zonder standaardaccessoires en -supplies.
25 Gram
Inhoud van de verpakking
Uitleg over 'Snelstartgids'.
Instructions, either online, as a computer program or in paper form, to allow you to set up and start using the product quickly.
Uitleg over 'Gebruikershandleiding'.
Whether the product includes headphones.
Other features
Uitleg over 'Oplaadbaar'.
The device can be connected to a power supply in order to restore electrical energy in the battery.
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HS code
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€ 215.00
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€ 45.15
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€ 260.15


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