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Zebra RCH51 hoofdtelefoon
Zebra RCH51 hoofdtelefoon
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Zebra RCH51 hoofdtelefoon Artikelnr: 6986509 MPN: RCH51 EAN: 3609740039164

Zebra RCH51 hoofdtelefoon
Zebra RCH51 hoofdtelefoon
  • Monauraal Headset type
  •   Ja Ruisonderdrukkingseffect
  • -22 - 50 graden Celcius Temperatuur, in bedrijf
  • -40 - 50 graden Celcius Temp. bij opslag
  • Hoofdband Draagwijze
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Artikelnr. 6986509 Fabr. nr. RCH51 EAN 3609740039164

Beknopte specificaties

  • Monauraal Headset type
  •   Ja Ruisonderdrukkingseffect
  • -22 - 50 graden Celcius Temperatuur, in bedrijf
  • -40 - 50 graden Celcius Temp. bij opslag
  • Hoofdband Draagwijze
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Rugged Cabled Headset

The lightweight yet rugged RCH51 helps your business in demanding enterprise environments by replacing paper with hands-free solutions. The RCH51 enables voice-directed applications and voice communications for workers in harsh environments such as freezers, warehouses and loading docks who are involved in picking, shipping or other inventory-related tasks. In the stringent testing that Motorola is known for, the RCH51 passed multiple 6 ft./1.8m drops across the entire operating temperature range, and continued to perform even after 1000 consecutive 1.64 ft./0.5 m hits in Motorolas tumble drum.

Meets heavy industrial specifications for drop, tumble, sealing—including industry leading tumble tests, plus IP67 sealing
Premier rugged specifications enable dependable year-round use in nearly any environment, including the ability to withstand exposure to heat, cold, humidity, dust, condensation, drops and bumps

Noise-canceling waterproof microphone
Provides superior noise-canceling technology—capable of filtering out ambient noise that is only inches away: designed to recognize sounds arriving at the front of the microphone only, isolating and filtering out sounds arriving from the sides and rear

Industrial-grade connector on many Motorola mobile computers couple to quick disconnect feature on headset for worker convenience and safety
Eliminates the voice quality issues common with barrel-jack connectors, yet ensures worker safety

User-replaceable microphone windscreen and ear pad
Protects employee health by preventing the spread of germs in the workplace

Field-replaceable headband pad and temple pad
Extends product lifecycle—no need to discard the headset due to everyday wear; ensures the same degree of comfort from the first day of purchase to the last day of service

Adjustable one-size-fits-all headband
An almost two-inch adjustment range accommodates any size worker; the ability to standardize on a single headset simplifies mobility—there is only one type of headset and accessories to purchase and manage

Universal design
Flexibility to choose different types of Motorola mobile computers for different types of workers—from full-size rugged industrial designs to pocketable Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDAs)

Zebra RCH51, -22 - 50 °C, -40 - 50 °C, Monauraal, Hoofdband, Zwart, Bedraad


Uitleg over 'Temperatuur, in bedrijf'.
The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely operated.
Temperatuur, in bedrijf
-22 - 50 graden Celcius
Uitleg over 'Temp. bij opslag'.
The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely stored.
Temp. bij opslag
-40 - 50 graden Celcius
Uitleg over 'Headset type'.
A headset is headphones combined with a microphone, or one headphone with a microphone. Headsets provide the equivalent functionality of a telephone handset but with hands-free operation. Types of headsets include single earpiece (monaural) and double earpiece.
Headset type
Uitleg over 'Draagwijze'.
The way in which the device is worn.
Uitleg over 'Kleur van het product'.
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Kleur van het product
Uitleg over 'Apparaat connectiviteit'.
The way the device connects to other devices.
Apparaat connectiviteit
Uitleg over 'Positie '.
Er is een verschil tussen koptelefoons die worden gedragen op het externe oor (supra-aural) en die het oor omringen (circumaural). Open hoofdtelefoons hebben schuimrubberen oorkussentjes die op het oor rusten of ring kussentjes die het oor omringen. Gesloten koptelefoons daarentegen hebben bijna altijd "circumaural" oorkussentjes.
Gevoeligheid microfoon
10 Decibell
Gewicht en omvang
Uitleg over 'Gewicht'.
Gewicht van het product zonder verpakking (nettogewicht). Zo mogelijk wordt hier het nettogewicht van het product gegeven inclusief standaardaccessoires en -supplies. Fabrikanten stellen soms het gewicht van hun product te rooskleurig voor, door het basisgewicht te geven zonder standaardaccessoires en -supplies.
111 Gram
Other features
Uitleg over 'Compatibiliteit'.
Systemen waarmee het product samenwerkt.
MC3090; MC3190; MC9090-K/S; MC9090-G (Windows); MC9500-K
HS code
HS code
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€ 209,00
BTW bedrag
€ 43,89
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€ 252,89


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