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Trust AXXON 1300VA Toren Zwart UPS
Trust AXXON 1300VA Toren Zwart UPS
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Trust AXXON 1300VA Toren Zwart UPS Artikelnr: 10648211 MPN: 20449 EAN: 8713439204490

Trust AXXON 1300VA Toren Zwart UPS
Trust AXXON 1300VA Toren Zwart UPS
Trust AXXON 1300VA Toren Zwart UPS
Trust AXXON 1300VA Toren Zwart UPS
Trust AXXON 1300VA Toren Zwart UPS
Trust AXXON 1300VA Toren Zwart UPS
  • 1300 Voltampere Output power capacity
  • 240 Volt Uitgang operation voltage (max)
  • 120 Volt Ingang operation voltage (max)
  • 50/60 Hertz Voeding, frequentie ingang
  • Toren Vormfactor
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Artikelnr. 10648211 Fabr. nr. 20449 EAN 8713439204490

Beknopte specificaties

  • 1300 Voltampere Output power capacity
  • 240 Volt Uitgang operation voltage (max)
  • 120 Volt Ingang operation voltage (max)
  • 50/60 Hertz Voeding, frequentie ingang
  • Toren Vormfactor
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Uitleg over 'Output power capacity'.
The maximum power that the device can produce.
Output power capacity
1300 Voltampere
Uitleg over 'Ingang operation voltage (min)'.
The minumum voltage needed by the device during operation.
Ingang operation voltage (min)
110 Volt
Uitleg over 'Ingang operation voltage (max)'.
The maximum input voltage supported by the device.
Ingang operation voltage (max)
120 Volt
Uitleg over 'Uitgang operation voltage (min)'.
The minumum voltage produced by the device during operation.
Uitgang operation voltage (min)
220 Volt
Uitleg over 'Uitgang operation voltage (max)'.
The maximum output voltage produced by the device.
Uitgang operation voltage (max)
240 Volt
Uitleg over 'Voeding, frequentie ingang'.
The frequency of the electricity, usually measured in Hertz (Hz), which is supplied by the power supply. Mains electricity in many parts of the world is 50Hz.
Voeding, frequentie ingang
50/60 Hertz
Uitleg over 'Number of output IEC jumpers'.
ANSI is the American National Standards Institute. Since 1995 its standard is aligned with the ISO 216 standard on paper sizes.
Number of output IEC jumpers
Uitleg over 'Batterij capaciteit'.
The amount of electric charge a battery can deliver at the rated voltage. The more electrode material contained in the cell the greater its capacity. A small cell has less capacity than a larger cell with the same chemistry, although they develop the same open-circuit voltage. Capacity is measured in units such as amp-hour (A·h).
Batterij capaciteit
7 Ampère-uur
Uitleg over 'Accu/Batterij voltage'.
The voltage (V) of the battery.
Accu/Batterij voltage
12 Volt
Uitleg over 'Vormfactor'.
Eigenschappen van de buitenkant van het product.
Uitleg over 'Kleur van het product'.
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Kleur van het product
Uitleg over 'Beeldscherm'.
De gebruikte beeldschermtechnologie. Flat screen technologies zoals Liquid Cristal Display (LCD) en Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technologie zijn de trend.
Uitleg over 'EMI/RFI geluidsfiltering'.
The techniques and machinery used to make coffee.
EMI/RFI geluidsfiltering
Uitleg over 'Spanningsbeveiliging'.
In Digital Video Broadcasting, the Common Interface (CI) is a technology which allows separation of conditional access functionality from a digital TV receiver-decoder (Host) into a removable conditional access module (CAM). CI+ or Common Interface Plus implements a form of copy protection between a Conditional Access Module (CAM) and the television receiver (Host). CI+ is backward compatible with CIv1. Old television receivers, which have CIv1 CI-slot, can be used with CI+ CAM and vice versa, but for viewing only those of TV programs which are not marked as CI+ protected.
Uitleg over 'Golf protectie functies'.
The product includes a wrench, which is an adjustable tool like a spanner, used for gripping and turning nuts or bolts.
Golf protectie functies
Uitleg over 'Stroomspanning bescherming'.
Features that protect the device against power problems e.g. overload.
Stroomspanning bescherming
Overbelasting, Overbelasting, Kortsluiting
Uitleg over 'Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)'.
The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the cooling output during a typical cooling-season divided by the total electric energy input during the same period. The higher the unit's SEER rating the more energy efficient it is. In the U.S., the SEER is often measured as a ratio of British thermal units (BTU) to watt-hours.
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
Uitleg over 'Geluidsalarm(en)'.
Geluids Alarm aanwezig
Gewicht en omvang
Uitleg over 'Breedte'.
The measurement or extent of something from side to side.
220 Millimeter
Uitleg over 'Diepte'.
The distance from the front to the back of something.
390 Millimeter
Uitleg over 'Hoogte'.
Hoogte van het product
130 Millimeter
Uitleg over 'Gewicht'.
Gewicht van het product zonder verpakking (nettogewicht). Zo mogelijk wordt hier het nettogewicht van het product gegeven inclusief standaardaccessoires en -supplies. Fabrikanten stellen soms het gewicht van hun product te rooskleurig voor, door het basisgewicht te geven zonder standaardaccessoires en -supplies.
11100 Gram
Inhoud van de verpakking
Uitleg over 'Snelle installatiehandleiding'.
The quantity of satellite speakers. These are speakers used in surround-sound systems that are intended to be placed around a center channel speaker, as a part of a technique to recreate "three-dimensional" immersive sound; they tend to be smaller than the center speaker, and often contain audio to the left, right, and behind of the center channel.
Snelle installatiehandleiding
Uitleg over 'Meegeleverde kabels'.
The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) initializes and tests system hardware components, and loads a bootloader or an operating system from a mass memory device. The BIOS additionally provides abstraction layer for the hardware, i.e. a consistent way for application programs and operating systems to interact with the keyboard, display, and other input/output devices. There are several types of BIOS, including the motherboard ROM BIOS, video BIOS, drive controller BIOS, network adapter BIOS, and SCSI adapter BIOS.
Meegeleverde kabels
Stroomingangskabel, USB-kabel
Uitleg over 'Ondersteunings-cd'.
Simplify Virtualization and Reduce OverheadsIntel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) helps make virtualization practical by eliminating performance overheads, reducing complexity, and improving security with hardware assistance. Virtualization allows multiple workloads to share a common set of resources so that a variety of workloads can co-locate while maintaining full isolation from each other.
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