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Jabra PRO 9450 Duo EMEA hoofdtelefoon Stereofonisch
Jabra PRO 9450 Duo EMEA hoofdtelefoon Stereofonisch
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Jabra PRO 9450 Duo EMEA hoofdtelefoon Stereofonisch Artikelnr: 6711451 MPN: 9450-29-707-101 EAN: 5706991009767

  • Call center/kantoor Bedoeld voor
  • Draadloos Verbindingstechn.
  • Stereofonisch Headset type
  • 150 - 6800 Hertz Frequentiebereik koptelefoon
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289,- excl. BTW
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289,- excl. BTW
Artikelnr. 6711451 Fabr. nr. 9450-29-707-101 EAN 5706991009767

Beknopte specificaties

  • Call center/kantoor Bedoeld voor
  • Draadloos Verbindingstechn.
  • Stereofonisch Headset type
  • 150 - 6800 Hertz Frequentiebereik koptelefoon
  •   Ja Ruisonderdrukkingseffect
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PRO 9450 Duo EMEA - 150 m, DECT, mono, 46h, Noise Blackout

- Dual connectivity: desk and softphone
- Get started in minutes with the Interactive Setup wizard
- 4-way call handling: via headset, touch pad, PC Call Manager or keyboard shortcut
- Mono speaker, flex boom arm

Product features

- Touch screen or touch pad & touch sensors for easy call control
- Multiuse connectivity: desk phone, softphone and mobile phone, dependant on the model Jabra PRO 9400 series selected
- Easy installation with SmartSetup wizard
- Superior sound and Noise Blackout™
- Choice of different headsets for every working environment and choice of 3 mono wearing styles for greater comfort
- Up to 150 meters/400-foot wireless range
- Future-proof investment through feature upgrades via Jabra PC Suite

Stay in touch around the office
Jabra PRO™ 9400 is the first series of wireless office headsets with user-friendly touch screen for easy call control.

One headset for all your phones
Today’s business cards often feature different numbers for desk, mobile and softphone. The result? You find yourself grabbing your mobile just as the caller gives up and tries the desk phone instead! Designed with busy office professionals in mind, Jabra PRO™ 9400 series can save you a lot of hassle. Thanks to Multiuse technology, all your phone calls come to the same headset. Just tap the talk button and start talking.

User-friendly touch screen
Up to the three devices – desk, mobile and softphone – are united by a stylish touch screen base. The base connects to your headset via DECT – a technology characterized by its reliable, long range capabilities – offering a wireless range of up to 150m. Equipped with a SmartSetup wizard, the touch screen helps you connect phones and choose preferences to get started. Once you’re up and running, it’s colorful icons and intuitive menu system make call-handling a breeze.

Unbeatable sound
Several state-of-the-art sound technologies enable Jabra PRO 9400 Series headsets to deliver unrivalled call clarity and safety. State-of-the-art noise-canceling technology and advanced Digital Signal Processing practically eliminates all background noise, so your voice can always be heard clearly. Wideband sound ensures that the sound you hear is crystal clear, while SafeTone technology protects your hearing by cutting off sudden loud noises and securing safe average sound levels through the day.

PRO 9450 Duo EMEA, Call center/kantoor, Stereofonisch, Hoofdband, Zwart, Draadloos, 150 m


Uitleg over 'Bedoeld voor'.
What the product is used for.
Bedoeld voor
Call center/kantoor
Uitleg over 'Headset type'.
A headset is headphones combined with a microphone, or one headphone with a microphone. Headsets provide the equivalent functionality of a telephone handset but with hands-free operation. Types of headsets include single earpiece (monaural) and double earpiece.
Headset type
Uitleg over 'Draagwijze'.
The way in which the device is worn.
Uitleg over 'Kleur van het product'.
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Kleur van het product
Uitleg over 'Verbindingstechn.'.
De technologie die het apparaat gebruikt om verbinding te maken:draadloosmet draad
DECT connectable
150 Meters
Uitleg over 'Positie '.
Er is een verschil tussen koptelefoons die worden gedragen op het externe oor (supra-aural) en die het oor omringen (circumaural). Open hoofdtelefoons hebben schuimrubberen oorkussentjes die op het oor rusten of ring kussentjes die het oor omringen. Gesloten koptelefoons daarentegen hebben bijna altijd "circumaural" oorkussentjes.
Uitleg over 'Frequentiebereik koptelefoon'.
The range of frequencies (low to high sounds) that the headphones can produce.
Frequentiebereik koptelefoon
150 - 6800 Hertz
Uitleg over 'Impedantie'.
The effective resistance of an electric circuit or component to alternating current, arising from the combined effects of ohmic resistance and reactance.
32 Ohm
Uitleg over 'Frequentie microfoon'.
The range of frequencies (low to high sounds) that the microphone can pick up (detect).
Frequentie microfoon
150 - 6800 Hertz
Gevoeligheid microfoon
-30 Decibell
Microphone direction type
Uitleg over 'Levensduur accu/batterij'.
Maximale gebruiksduur van een accu of batterij. Mobile Mark™ (2002) is de standard benchmark voor het meten van de gebruiksduur van een accu/batterij. In sommige gevallen kan de gebruiksduur worden verlengd door het toevoegen van extra batterijen/accus.
Levensduur accu/batterij
46 uur
Uitleg over 'Gesprekstijd'.
The total time a battery can power a device for calls. As the device drains the battery during a call, the talktime left in the battery is diminished until the device is turned off or the battery recharged. The longer the talktime the less frequently you will need to recharge. Talktime, expressed in hours and minutes, is much shorter than standby time because transmission requires more power.
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